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Women in Technology Forum

The Women in Technology Forum explores the changing workplace environment and how mobile connectivity has transformed the way we live and work, in ways that established technology and science industries must embrace, in order to be competitive on the world stage. Hiring women at all levels in the workplace makes good business sense. Yet some say that the older the industry is, the harder is it to change the working environment, and, more specifically, to increase the number of women employed at executive positions.

Forum presenters will examine issues about women in the workforce. They will share research on industry hiring and performance trends that prove Fortune 500 companies, with women placed in senior management positions, have received significant ROI across the enterprise, and especially where innovation is a key component of the business strategy. Business leaders will also address some of the myths and stereotypes held about women in the workplace today. Gender-based stereotyping is alive and well in the enterprise and it is perpetuated by both men and women. Organizations must take proactive steps to eradicate stereotypic bias.

At the forum, business executives and leaders (both men and women), along with business experts in team building and mentoring, will participate in two different panels sharing two different perspectives. You’ll have an opportunity to hear thought leaders address these issues as well as recommend solutions for the technology and science industry in order to improve results in this competitive space. The Women in Tech Forum is open to women and men. Join us!


Wednesday, July 13
Room 304, Esplanade Hall, Moscone Center



Women in Technology Breakfast



10:00am – 11:00am

Panel: The Business Case: Gender Diversity in High Tech, Big Benefits to the Bottom Line

Catalyst 1 found significantly higher returns in Fortune 500 companies with more women at the top and on their boards of directors. McKinsey 2 found that, in a group of publicly traded European companies, those with gender diversity in leadership experienced higher return on equity, operating profit, and stock price.  In addition McKinsey reports that realizing gender equality’s is $12 trillion economic opportunity 3.

With Semi 2.0 era, how can a mature industry with very established practices start to embrace this opportunity of Gender Diversity and Inclusion?   What practices, processes and training are being adopted to raise awareness, open the opportunities to more women, showcasing women and most of all promoting women into senior leadership and board positions within the SEMI space.

Come hear our elite executive panelists discuss how they are working towards these goals, the hiccups, issues and successes.

The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance And Women’s Representation On Boards (2004–2008)

A CEO's Guide to Gender Equality

Realizing gender equality’s $12 trillion economic opportunity

Moderator:  Madonna Bolano, Group Vice President, Global Human Resources, Applied Materials




11:00am – 11:15am




11:15am – 12::15pm

Coaching circles  (10 tables with coaches and topics relevant to Semiconductor space)

Speed Mentoring (10 tables with Mentors to answer questions in areas of expertise)



12:15pm – 1:15pm 

Networking Lunch with Table Topics facilitated by the Coaches and Speed Mentors.



1:15pm – 1:30pm

WITI WINS and upcoming events



1:30pm – 2:30pm 

Panel: The I(nclusive) Generation: Best Practices for Attracting, Retaining, and Developing Engaging Opportunities Across Multiple Generations of Employees.

With the sudden surge in technology growth with IoT, wearables, smart devices and objects, the Semiconductor space once again is in the center of it all, being the backbone for which most of these items begin with.

There could be as many as seven different generations at work at a time, crashing into each other with different work styles, social interactions and even technology choices. The challenge for businesses becomes more about this crash than about integrating each generation with others.  Inclusion and Diversity become the backbone of innovation and creativity.  These challenges start at the HR Level and spread out throughout the entire company.

Come interact with our panel who will share with you their tips, tricks, ideas, pitfalls and successes of making companies I-Generation friendly.

Moderator: Tonie Hansen,  Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility, NVIDIA


To see the complete Bios of the panelists http://www.witi.com/semiconwest/speakers/



    2:30pm – 3:00pm

    Recap, Closing + Raffle

    Coaches and Mentors

    Vasudha Badri-Paul, Digital Campaigns Manager, GE Digital

    • Speed Mentor Topic: Digital Marketing Campaigns

    • Lunch Table opic: Social Media Advocacy

    Karen CornwellCo-Founder, Attunovation

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Bridging the Gender Divide

    • Lunch Table Topic: What Bridges have you found successful in closing the Gender divide?

    Sue Davis,  Senior Business Development Director & a Senior Analyst, Techcet

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Mitigating Unconscious Bias from Design Thinking

    • Lunch Table Topic: TBD

    Frank Del Fiugo Managing Director, Del Fiugo Consulting

    • Coaching Circles Topic: The Neuroscience of Leadership and/or Dealing with Difficult People.

    • Lunch Table Topic: Dealing with Difficult People

    Heather Furby, CEO & Camp CAS Director, Creative Age Leadership

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Leading Outside Your Comfort Zone: What does it even mean?

    • Lunch Table Topic: Building a Leadership Team: IS there a best practice?

    Gabrielle Hildebrand, Coach and Facilitator, Wild and Brilliant

    • Lunch Table Topic: Emotional Intelligence and Feminine Power.

    Janet Janssen, CEO,  Janet Janssen Coaching and Consulting Services

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Being Motivated: Make what you do meaningful.

    • Lunch Table Topic: Enrich, Empower, Engage: Create your work-life visions with clarity

    Santosh K. Kurinec, Ph.D, Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

    • Speed Mentor Areas of Expertise: Semiconductor technology, photovoltaics, Research in semiconductor materials & devices

    • Lunch Table Topic: Careers in Microelectronics

    Rajkumari Neogy, Principal,  Disruptive Diversity

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Disruptive Diversity

    • Lunch Table Topic: TBD

    Manuela Pauer Professional Coach and Consultant, Pauer Coaching & Consulting

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Secrets to Creating a Happy Career

    • Lunch Table Topic: Succeeding as a Woman in Technology

    Ruth Simone, Coach, Luminare Coaching and Consulting

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Navigate Politics and Difficult Conversations   

    • Lunch Table Topic: Engage a Sponsor To Up-Level Your Career ​​

    Sue Steinfeld, Leadership & Business Success Coach, Sue Steinfeld Consulting and Coaching Service

    • Coaching Circle Topic: Managing Up: Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

    • Lunch Table Topic: TBD

    To see the complete Bios of the Coaches/Speed Mentors:  http://www.witi.com/semiconwest/speakers/



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