Ryan Loofs

Production Supervisor

Ryan Loofs is a Production Supervisor at Entegris who works alongside a talented team of engineering and operations professionals to produce advanced deposition chemicals supplying the semiconductor industry. Having previously held design and manufacturing engineering roles within Entegris, Ryan is passionate to guide the next wave of innovation in semiconductor manufacturing by developing the technical and scientific professionals who will lead the industry for years to come. Ryan has worked alongside corporate leadership to develop internship and early career development programs for recent college graduates and is responsible for mentoring program participants at Entegris’ Burnet, Texas manufacturing center. In addition to his technical leadership experience, Ryan has worked on the technological forefront of advanced deposition chemical manufacturing to design automated ultra-high purity production and sampling systems, drive yield enhancements, and eliminate chemical manufacturing impurities. Ryan holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University and is currently pursuing certification in Production and Inventory Management.

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