Pritha Hait

Process Engineer, Etch
Lam Research

Pritha Hait is currently a part of the Conductor Etch Memory group at Lam Research as a process engineer. She owns process applications of patterning and bit line on the DRAM side supporting Micron Technology. She has been a part of this group for 1.5 years and overall at Lam for 3 years. Prior to her current role, she was the first to join Lam’s relatively new 18-month rotations program. During the program, she rotated through several groups starting of as a field process engineer in the Intel Account in Hilslboro, OR. She then moved on to supplier management and manufacturing rotations as part of the global operations rotations. She concluded the program by working in the Global Products Engineering group in a product marketing and management role. Pritha has a BS in chemical engineering and an MS in chemical engineering product development from UC Berkeley.

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