Jeremy Ward

PhD, Airmen Performance & Aeromedicine Applications Soft Matter and Branch Materials, and Manufacturing Directorate
Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Jeremy W. Ward is currently a Research Scientist and Program Manager within the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate of the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). He earned his B.A. in Physics and Mathematics from Simpson College and his Ph.D. in Physics from Wake Forest University. During this time, Jeremy served as a crew chief for both the F-16 and C-130 airframes in the United States Air National Guard. After completing his Ph.D., Jeremy then worked within the United States Senate as an S&T Policy Fellow, a position supported by the Materials Research Society (MRS) and the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS). In 2016, Jeremy was a Research Scientist for UES, Inc. in Dayton, OH, where he performed research in the area of flexible and conformal electronics.

Jeremy now leads R&D of conformal human-sensing technologies as well as manages programs that address the materials and manufacturing challenges to meet the USAF needs in the areas of Airmen Performance and Aeromedical monitoring. Jeremy serves as the Government lead for the Nano-Bio Materials Consortium (NBMC), a public-private partnership that began in 2013 for enabling advancements in human monitoring capabilities using emerging Nano-bio materials.

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