Jason Reifsnider

Director of Manufacturing Engineering
Samsung Austin Semiconductors

Dr. Reifsnider is the Director of Manufacturing Engineering for Samsung at the Samsung Austin Semiconductor site in Austin, TX. He earned his BS EE, MS EE, and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Texas at Austin. After joining Samsung Austin in 1999, he has worked on a wide range of technical and leadership roles. Starting initially as a Parametric Device Engineer, he quickly moved to Process Integration Engineering, working on DRAM, NAND FLASH, and now LSI Foundry products. As Senior Manager for Integration, he was the technical leader for transferring the 20nm technology node and the 14nm technology node from the development fab in Seoul to the Samsung Austin production site. He has also lead Device, Product Engineering, Yield Engineering, and Process Integration departments through his career at SAS, for new product introduction, production ramp, and yield improvement for dozens of products across multiple nodes. Currently, he is responsible for the Manufacturing Engineering directorate, which encompasses Metrology Equipment and Recipes, Analysis Engineering (surface, TEM, electrical FA, pFA), Defect Engineering and Control (defect elimination for yield improvement), and Materials Technology. His Materials Technology team is responsible for quality of all materials used in the semiconductor fabrication process at Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

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