Janet Tinkler

Sr Manager, Dept. Director of Global Technical Vitality

Janet Tinkler is Sr Mgr/Deputy Director of Global Technical Vitality in the Office of the CTO at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Prior to joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES in 2014, she held a variety of leadership roles in process engineering (etch, CVD), process integration (BEOL) and technical coordination/program management, working first at Motorola and Freescale, and then at IBM Corp. She had the unique opportunity to work as an expat at the Crolles2 Alliance in France as a Motorola assignee, managing BEOL Etch. Upon returning to the U.S., she worked at the IBM Alliance in East Fishkill, first as a Freescale assignee, and then later as an IBM employee working in 32nm BEOL integration. Her first role at GLOBALFOUNDRIES was Chief of Staff to the Deputy CTO for GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and then she later transitioned into her current role focused on Technical Vitality initiatives at a coporate level. In 2017, she launched the CTO Office Mentoring Program within GLOBALFOUNDRIES, using a Cloud-based software platform to track and facilitate mentoring within the company. So far the program has 1000+ participants and is growing at a steady rate at all worldwide GLOBALFOUNDRIES sites. Her goal is to link employees in key mentoring relationships, while also helping to build better linkages among the various sites at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Janet holds a B.S. and Master’s of Engineering in materials science from Cornell University.

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