Handel Jones


Founder and CEO of IBS, Inc. for almost 30 years VP of Engineering, Rockwell. Managed 1500+ engineers at Rockwell International, which included avionics, communications, and semiconductors. Strong emphasis on communications. As CEO of IBS, Handel Jones provides strategic support for major global corporations in multiple industry segments. The clientele base includes IBM, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Cisco, Siemens, Motorola, Fujitsu, NEC, Hitachi, Renesas, TSMC, TI, and others. IBS has customers in the U.S., China, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and other countries. IBS has also provided support to the French Government on Nano 2017 (their advanced technology initiatives). IBS also interfaces and supports financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Carlyle, Blackstone, CitiGroup, Credit Suisse, Exane BNP Paribas, Warburg Pincus, Walden, KKR, Morgan Stanley, Bain Capital, Bank of America, TPG. IBS is involved with strategies for successful global business participation. This requires deep understanding of markets, competition, technologies, and the strengths and weaknesses of the management teams. The IBS analysis approaches can be applied to corporations, industries, as well as countries. IBS has strong expertise in China and published two books on China: China’s Globalization (best seller) and Chinamerica (McGraw Hill). Forbes blog contributor, China Daily articles, Xinhua News, Global Times editorials, etc. IBS’ data is widely used in the semiconductor industry and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Reuters, EE times, NY Times.

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