Bardia Pezeshki

Kaiam Corporation Government Representative

Dr Bardia Pezeshki is the founder and CEO of Kaiam, a ten-year old California head-quartered company with operations in the UK developing and manufacturing high performance multi-wavelength optical transceivers for data center applications. The factory in the UK supplies optical modules to most large tier-1 datacenters in the world, using proprietary internal MEMS and optical waveguide technology to achieve high density and integration. Prior to Kaiam, Bardia started and managed the technology at Santur Corporation (2000-2008) which used MEMS to form an array-based tunable laser. This architecture dominated the transition of long haul and metro networks from fixed-wavelength lasers to tunable. He obtained his Ph.D. from Stanford University, partially working on a MEMS-based tunable laser that received significant attention in the early 2000’s, with multiple companies pursuing the technology. Bardia has approximately 30 patents and 100 peer reviewed publications and presentations.

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