Azar Alizadeh

Principal Scientist & Program Leader
GE Global Research

Dr. Azar Alizadeh is a principal scientist at GE Global Research where she develops materials and processes for applications such as health-monitoring sensors, non-icing surfaces, nano-enabled media storage, and optoelectronic devices. She holds a PhD in Physics and has worked at GE Global Research since 2000. Dr Alizadeh has extensive experience in the field of nano-bio-manufacturing and has led numerous cross-functional teams during her tenure at GE Global Research, including the NBMC and NextFlex “Wearable device for dynamic assessment of hydration status”, the NextFlex “ Disposable Adjustable Vital Monitoring Device and the AFRL study of “Sensor systems for warfighter health and performance monitoring and augmentation”. Dr Alizadeh is a NextFlex fellow and is the co-Lead on the NextFlex Human Monitoring Systems Technical Working Group. Dr. Alizadeh has 47 peer reviewed publications and 17 US patents/patent applications.

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