Session 1.3: Shared Quality Network

Wednesday, July 12 11:05am

Electronics devices for the Automotive Industry are expected to meet very high quality and reliability standards. Therefore, the individual semiconductor components (IC’s) that are used in these devices are designed and tested with extreme attention. Currently, the performance of these IC’s are being measured during their own manufacturing flow and tested in an independent process that is not linked to the final performance of the assembled Electronics Module, System, or PCB.

Both Data Feed Forward and Data Feed Backward methodologies and applications can be used in production to further enhance the final quality performance of the Electronics Device based on the IC’s testing data. The relationships between IC components and the Electronics system can be determined through a systematic correlation analysis of OEM and related OCM data. This methodology of a Shared Quality Network enables electronics and semiconductor companies to have 100 percent visibility across both the semiconductor and electronics supply chains. Such visibility allows companies to rapidly identify the root cause of yield and quality issues, facilitate adaptive testing, initiate targeted recalls and provide an overarching level of quality to the smart manufacturing process. The innovation is also in definition of such systematic analyses, in their automation on large data volume, in the demonstrated capability to create a closed loop system for allowing continuous improvement, and in the implementation of a robust flow for certifying each one of the IC’s being used by an OEM.

This Shared Quality Network is a WIN-WIN opportunity for both OCM’s and OEM’s.

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