Keynote : Myth vs. Reality; Urban Legends of Semiconductor Test

Wednesday, July 12 8:45am

When the semiconductor industry is viewed over long time scale, there is a clear pattern of new technologies and markets disrupting the status quo.  In each of these disruptions there are winners and losers.  The problem that we face as suppliers in this industry is telling the difference between innovations that will remake the industry, like CMOS technology, Personal Computers, and mobile communications, and ones that don’t like NMT DRAM, bubble memory and Gallium Arsenide.  Similarly, IC test has been transformed over time by DFT, multisite test and chip scale packaging, but other trends have not panned out.  This talk will look at some of the nascent trends and technologies in the semiconductor end market like ADAS and IoT.  It will also examine trends in IC manufacturing like 3D-IC, contactless test and System Level Test.  The objective is to sort the ones that will be truly transformative over the next 10 years from the ones that end up fading into nothing but urban myths.

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