Smart Transportation Pavilion

The automotive market leads all new application spaces for semiconductor growth and has a major impact on boosting demand for adjacencies like FHE and MEMS & Sensors. Here's where you can discover opportunities, meet key players, and learn how to capitalize on the explosive growth in demand.


Meet the Experts Theater in the Smart Transportation Pavilion

Engage with thought leaders and technical experts as they detail the critical role silicon, MEMS & Sensors, and microprocessors play in creating today's totally connected Smart Transportation experience. You'll learn what it takes to design products capable of meeting the increasingly complex demands of manufacturers and suppliers in the fast-growing autonomous vehicle marketplace. Hear presentations on: 


  • Advancements in Automotive Sensors
  • Autonomous Driving 2025 and Beyond
  • Future Trends in Vehicle Electrification
  • Government Regulatory Impact on Automotive Electronics
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of 5G for Smart Transportation
  • Reliability Yardstick for Automotive Semiconductors 





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