Semiconductor Venture Funding Gap—Problems and Solutions

Yerba Buena Theater Tuesday, July 10
3:30pm to 5:45pm

Rising capital requirements combined with increasing development costs and longer time to exit have led to diminishing investments in Key Enabling Technologies (KET), semiconductors and hardware. Low levels of KET investment in the US and Europe have profound long-term implications. The necessary investments to create tomorrow’s innovative semiconductor and hardware ecosystems are not being made. We must find a return model that works for KET investors to advance the industry.

Co-Presented by: Spirit Ventures

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Marco Chisari
Managing Director
Credit Suisse
Marc van den Berg
DBL Ventures
John Hoffman
Pivotal Systems
Bardia Pezeshki
Kaiam Corporation Government Representative
Sanjiv Malhotra
PhD, Director, Department of Energy
Investor Center
Magnus Ryde
Spirit Ventures
Ed Schneider
Spirit Ventures
J. Christopher Moran
Executive Director and GM, Lockheed Martin Ventures; and VP
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Gary Bultman
Lam Capital
Sean Doyle
Investment Director
Intel Capital Industry Expert
Robert Walker
Michael Brown
Presidential Innovation Fellow
Defense Innovation Unit Experimental
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