Three Bit NFC Sensor Labels Based on a Flexible, Hybrid Printed CMOS TFT Process

Tuesday, July 11 12:15pm

Low cost disposable wireless electronics that power the Internet of Everything (IoE) is an emerging class of devices. These provide labels and packaging with standards based RF communication and adequate sensor based “intelligence”.  Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless sensor labels of various types with 3 bits of resolution are demonstrated. These are assembled on plastic substrates using a Flex-Hybrid technique that allows for integration of multiple components with a low thermal budget assembly process. This enables a thin, robust, flexible form factor that is essential to labels. The 3-bit Analog Digital Convertor (ADC) and the NFC interface were both designed using a Printed Dopant Poly-Silicon (PDPS) thin film transistor (TFT) CMOS technology, fabricated on a thin stainless steel substrate.  The NFC device uses a 128 bit tag-talks-first (TTF) protocol that enables the readout and communication through an Android based mobile device. Low device cost at scale will be achieved using roll to roll manufacturing.

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