The Rise of the MEMS Consumer Healthcare Market

Moscone North, TechXPOT North Tuesday, July 10 11:40am

The technology field of medical MEMS and Sensors (aka BioMEMS) is very broad, especially at the device level. There are many overlapping technologies used in consumer MEMS and medical MEMS. Medical MEMS are fabricated from adaptations of physical sensors (and actuators) and chemical sensors (and actuators) commonly used in consumer applications. This had led to a convergence that has spawned a completely new market segment for MEMS devices that is known as the Consumer Healthcare Market, which also includes a sub-category known as “wearables”. BioMEMS micro-components such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, flow sensors, micropumps, etc, bring improved sensing and actuating functions for all the “healthcare” fields. Diagnostic and therapeutic devices are the major application areas of BioMEMS technology, which is expected to favor significant growth of this market for the foreseeable future. Rapid adoption of medical MEMS technology in hospitals and a growing preference for minimally invasive therapeutic approaches are expected to fuel growth of the market. This presentation will serve to explain the emergence of the Consumer (MEMS) Healthcare Market, using examples from the leading market analysts and wonderful images of the latest advanced medical applications/devices. Through this presentation it will be explained how what was previously viewed as consumer MEMS & Sensor devices, have made their way into advanced medical device applications; to power the brave new world of the consumer MEMS healthcare market. Finally, look at what challenges still exist before we see widespread use of BioMEMS will be offered and a call to action for the MEMS and sensors industry to address them.

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