Material Supply Challenges for Current & Future Leading-edge Devices

Moscone West, TechXPOT West Tuesday, July 11
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Hosted by the SEMI Chemical & Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG)

As leading-edge devices move into 10nm and sub-10nm nodes, the challenge of maintaining a supply chain that can provide in-spec and in-ship-to-control materials increases dramatically. In

this session, technology and thought leaders from device, materials, and metrology companies will dig into tough questions and provide some clarity and guidance in order for the industry to realize the next generation of devices.

  • What new metrology capabilities and ranges are needed?
  • Considering that electronic materials may become an increasingly smaller share of revenues, what changes are needed to the incoming raw material supply?
  • How do we identify “rogue” impurities not currently measured or reported?
  • Are there industry-standardized processes to be improved or created?
  • When the best metrology tool is the device, can customers help identify improvement opportunities?
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