Latest Technology Nodes and Material Challenges...Where Do We Go From Here?

Tuesday, July 11 2:55pm

Advanced technology nodes are becoming increasingly sensitive to variation in incoming material quality due to tighter process windows, lower defectivity requirements, and strict device requirements. The impact of material quality variation has become progressively more evident on the latest technology node and can have devastating impacts on both high volume manufacturing fabs and their customers.  Using real examples to demonstrate common themes of material quality issues prove the need for better raw material control, change point management, and packaging improvement.  Suppliers must be vigilant in their analysis, change point monitoring, and process control in order to not only maintain consistent quality, but to continuously improve.  Material quality variation reduction will become progressively more important to achieve improved yields on the latest technology nodes and beyond.

In order to enable continuous improvement, analysis techniques, methods, and instrumentation must also continuously improve to strengthen the COA.  In addition, COA limits have been historically based on the suppliers manufacturing capability and not customer needs.  Based on recent issues seen on in spec and within control material, collaborative efforts are urgently needed to provide better fab correlations for critical materials and contaminants.  

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