5G Communications & the Next-generation Cloud: Burgeoning Demand for Higher-speed, Higher-volume Data Means Disruption across the Supply Chain

Moscone North, TechXPOT North Thursday, July 13
10:30am to 12:30pm

Growing demand for high-bandwidth transmission of ever-increasing amounts of data is driving a new generation of 5G communications technologies requiring ultra-dense, high-frequency networks. This development is bringing new challenges and opportunities for volume semiconductor technology in areas ranging across RF, compound semiconductors, and photonic integrated circuits. At the same time, processing all that data in the cloud at high speed and low power brings new demands for another set of emerging technologies, including new design approaches for accelerated artificial intelligence processors, new memory technologies, and silicon photonics connections. At this session, industry leaders will provide a high-level look at the impending disruptions that will soon come across the supply chain.

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