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Printed/Flexible Electronics: Beyond R&D to Real Deal Technologies
Thursday, July 14
Extreme Electronics TechXPOT, South Hall
Description Recent progress on developing printable conductive inks, flexible substrates, and associated continuous processes for making electronics means there is now an advancing infrastructure ready for the practical manufacture of disruptive new products. New technology enables mass-production and conformable circuitry, from low cost integrated intelligence in packaging, to new types of displays, building-integrated solar (BiPV), and wide-area lighting panels. Industry experts will provide updates on the current market and projected growth areas, the state of materials development including the new materials registry database, the status of equipment technology for sintering and annealing to improve performance of the solution-based circuits, and the real products now taking advantage of these disruptive technologies.


Stacy Oresman

Director of Technology and Business Development

FlexTech Alliance


A Future for Flexible and Printed Electronics

Presentation in PDF

Lawrence Gasman  (Biography)

Principal Analyst



The Expanding Availability of Commercial Materials for Printed Electronics – Online Materials Registry

Presentation in PDF

Prof. Erika Rebrosova, Ph.D. (Biography)

Assistant Professor in the Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Imaging (PCI)

Western Michigan University


“Photonic Sintering using Low Temperature Pulsed Light”

Presentation in PDF

Saad Ahmed, Ph.D. (Biography)
Engineering Manager

Xenon Corporation

“Advances in Materials and Processing for Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics”

Presentation in PDF

Stan Farnsworth (Biography)
Vice President of Marketing


Presentation in PDF

Jennifer Ernst (Biography)

Vice President, North America

Thin Film Electronics ASA

"Printing Fabricated Micro-Semiconductors with

Traditional Graphic Arts Presses"

Presentation in PDF

William Johnstone Ray (Biography)

Chief Scientist

Nth Degree Technologies Worldwide

1:15pm–1:40pm    "Innovations in Solar: Driving Down the Cost of Flexible PV Panels"

Presentation in PDF

Vishal Shrotriya, Ph.D. (Biography)

Technology Director

Solarmer Energy


Questions/Closing Remarks

Flextech Alliance

 Session presented in cooperation with Flextech Alliance 
 Session Moderator:
 Michael Ciesinski - President & CEO, FlexTech Alliance  


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