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The Extreme Electronics technology stage (located in South Hall) features a series of mini-conferences that aim to provide a quick update on emerging market opportunities for semiconductor manufacturing technology. Sessions typically include an overview of market trends and growth potential, an update on key recent technology developments, and a look at some promising new applications and what they need from the semiconductor supply chain, from the leaders in the field.

All Extreme Electronics stage sessions are included without additional charge for all registered visitors.

Extreme Electronics is located in South Hall.

Tuesday July 13


Opportunities in MEMS:  Growing the Market with New Applications, Integrated Functions, and Faster Time to Volume

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Yole Développment projects the _$7B MEMS market will pick up by the second half and see 14% CAGR through the next four years, as companies continue to develop new applications for MEMS devices. But profitable manufacture of these MEMS for volume markets increasingly means delivering functions, not just devices--requiring new emphasis on software functionality, innovative packaging, and finding ways to move beyond a unique manufacturing process for each product. Leading MEMS makers give their take on these issues and potential solutions.


Micro Manufacturing for Micro Energy Systems: Progress in Energy Harvesting, Storage and Low Power Systems Technology for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Ever increasing demand for longer battery life for wireless devices is driving innovation in energy harvesting and storage. This major recent progress in MEMS and thin film energy harvesting devices, innovative nano-structured or solid-state thin film batteries, and ultra low power systems is enabling practical wireless sensor systems for everything from medical applications to industrial monitoring. Sector leaders report on the progress on commercial systems, and the opportunities it presents for the supply chain.

Wednesday July 14


More Lumens per Dollar: The Road to More Efficient HB LED Manufacturing– Progress and Next Challenges in Front-end Manufacturing

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More Lumens per Dollar: The Road to More Efficient HB LED Manufacturing– Progress and Next challenges in Back-end Manufacturing

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Fast growing demand for LEDs for LCD backlights is driving 30% annual growth in the high brightness LED market,  headed towards a $20B market by 2014, according to Strategies Unlimited. Next round of growth will come from solid state lighting, but only if better manufacturing technology gets brightness up and costs down enough to make the products competitive in the giant general illumination market.  SEMI programs are unique in their focus on the HB LED device manufacturing technology on which this all depends. This year we offer a whole day of sessions with the companies driving this innovation.

Thursday, July 15


Flexible and Printed Electronics: Product and Supply Chain Innovation. What’s now and what’s next for the manufacturing of flexible displays, lighting and photovoltaic products?

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Innovations in deposition techniques and in solution-based, continuous processes for making electronics on flexible substrates open up new form factors, price points and performance possibilities for wide-area electronics. Applications include rugged, lightweight, low power displays to thin sheets of lighting and solar cells integrated into textiles and building materials. Many of the practical solutions will require combining these new approaches with established semiconductor manufacturing steps and incorporating hybrid devices. Companies driving these innovations will update the SEMICON audience on current progress for the manufacture of high performance, large area, flexible electronics across sectors, and what’s needed next from the supply chain.

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