Global Care is a semiconductor and equipment industry initiative designed to establish a framework on which the diverse membership of SEMI can build and strengthen commitment to the environment, health and safety (EHS). At SEMICON West and Intersolar North America we are proud to present EHS programs so that the semiconductor and PV industries can return to their businesses with new ideas to lessen the industries impact on the environment.  



Building On SEMI’s Global Care Initiatives at SEMICON West     


The success of lessening the environmental impact at SEMICON West is achieved with close collaboration of numerous players, who also help contribute to the “green" success of the event.  Below are some policies that will be implemented in 2014 and into the future, as well as some tips on how you can make greener choices during SEMICON West 2014 and Intersolar North America.


There are many opportunities for attendees and exhibitors to contribute to making the SEMICON West a sustainable event. Here are a few:


Recycle your badge before you leave. Boxes will be available for you to drop off your badge holder at Moscone Convention Center exits.

Take advantage public transportation while in San Francisco. Three and Five day MUNI passes are a great way to get where you need to go and offers a mobile application to help find your way around. offers information on the entire network of San Francisco and Bay Area public transportation resources and also offers a mobile application.

Consider bringing your own water bottle to the meeting. Water fountains  and hydration stations are available throughout the Moscone Convention Center, and offer some of the best water in the country via San Francisco’s water source in Yosemite.

If staying in one of the area hotels during SEMICON West, participate in their greening programs to create additional impact.

Many opportunities for reusable bags will be available at SEMICON West and Intersolar North America.  Be sure to take them home and use them for all of your shopping trips.



SEMI Show Management Greening Tactics


All meeting program books are printed on recycled paper as well as offering PDF versions of the Program Guide to attendees
Exhibitor kits and forms are only available online and offer many exhibitor specific tactics on reducing environmental impact
Exhibitors are offered a free customer e-mail invitation system
Show management documentation is shared on tablets instead of paper when available
We consider greening initiatives as part of contract awards for official show vendors
Presentation materials and evaluations are available only online after the show


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